Scenes from the first day in Sydney

Scenes from the first day in Sydney
D, the Opera House, and the Bridge

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Taranga Zoo

Ah, the life, right? Napping in the afternoon. Here are some shots from the Taranga Zoo, where four of us spent our Saturday. Even though it rained on and off, the animals didn't seem to mind.

The dingo, for real! No babies in sight...

If I could just reach a little further... lunch!

Notice the artistic composition...

After the Zoo, we took up Johann's suggest to refresh ourselves with German beer at a place in the Rocks, the old town part of Sydney, and then had a nice Italian meal nearby. A great way to spend a Saturday. I have to admit, as one who has not necessarily been good about taking vacations or really unplugging on a day off, I think I am starting to learn some good habits.

On Sunday, Canisius College hosted a tea after mass, giving the tertians an opportunity to meet some of the folks who come to liturgy here on a regular basis, and to enjoy a whole array of "tea cakes." And then I drove down to Manly to meet a friend and his family for the Sunday barbie... All I can say is, its a good thing that Ash Wednesday is this week and that Lent begins.