Scenes from the first day in Sydney

Scenes from the first day in Sydney
D, the Opera House, and the Bridge

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Building and Living in Community

These days, our group is reflecting on the joys and perils of community, not in the ideal, but in the real world. Our facilitator this week is Eileen Glass, who is a formator for leaders in the worldwide L'Arche movement, creating community for intellectually disabled adults since 1964. (See

Eileen has been involved with L'Arche since the early 1970's, and her stories of "mutually transforming love" are profoundly evocative and moving. She brings a powerful and no-nonsense authenticity to this topic of community, a topic that sends some of us running for cover. One quote caught my attention in particular: "the one who says they love community destroys community... the person who loves their brothers and sisters, this is the person who builds community."

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  1. Sounds powerful. I have a vague recollection of reading that Henri Nouwen visited a L'Arche community for a period of time and found it transformative.