Scenes from the first day in Sydney

Scenes from the first day in Sydney
D, the Opera House, and the Bridge

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Critters in Oz...

I don't have much to report these days as life has slowed down considerably (by design), and we continue to spend morning listening to one another's interior life stories, with the afternoon open for reading, prayer, free time etc. You might think that this sounds like a great gig, but let me tell you, for many of us Type A's, slowing down is the hardest thing to do!

So, yesterday I spent some of that free time ambling through the Dalrymple Park Preserve just down the road... a lovely Gumtree, Ironwood, and Eucalyptus forest with lots of loud and colorful birds (still can't get used to the Cockatoos, which sound to my ears like something out of a horror movie). It was a great walk, and one I planned to repeat often. However...

This morning I was toweling off after an early morning swim (I know, the routine sounds rough!) when I noticed something like a scab just below my waist line on my hip. On closer inspection, it had legs! I could not believe that after years and years of hiking in the northeast of the US, I never got a tick bite, but a few weeks in Australia, and there the little bugger was. Since these things can lead to pretty nasty results no matter where they happened, I got right over the the doctor's office (called a "surgery" here... how's that for provoking a little anxiety!?) to have it removed. Sparing the details, the damn little bloodsucker was still alive, even after a good drubbing in the pool!

Ah well, live and learn... no more short pants for hiking in the forest! We'll see what other news to find as the days go on.

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