Scenes from the first day in Sydney

Scenes from the first day in Sydney
D, the Opera House, and the Bridge

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just a few more days in Oz

With my departure date looming, and the farewells to several of my Jesuit peers over the last few days, the end of this amazing seven months is weighing in an impactful way on my heart. Those of us left have been taking small day trips, enjoying last meals, and soaking up the last drops of one another's companionship. As the numbers of young-er Jesuits dwindles in many places globally, we feel especially grateful for the gift of these seven months with one another. So, naturally, goodbyes are hard. Yesterday, Johann, Peter and I went to West head again-- just a short drive, but it feels like a world away. Above is a picture of a sizeable lizard sunning itself in the late afternoon.

Enjoying the view...

Our farewell lunch with Arthur at the Circular Quay in Sydney Harbour-- a real treat!

One of the colorful lorikeets enjoying a sip of nectar in a flowering tree...

The Sydney Harbour bridge at night on the way home from the airport.


  1. i wish i could identify that lizard. maybe a water monitor.....
    i hope my countrymen have made you welcome and i wish God's richest blessing on your future


  2. make that pray God's richest blessing.....

  3. David,
    It's been a wonderful gift to follow your journey in Oz through cyberspace, and I can only imagine the difficult farewells. Might I suggest Katabasis 2.0, but this one, among your fellow tertians?

    [ Just do us Katabasis 1.0 followers a favor and post a homliy or a link now and then on Facebook.]

  4. Thank you both for your support and encouragement! I will consider ways of continuing to share.

    Most gratefully,